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Terms of Service

1. General
1. This is the most recent Terms of Service agreement as of February  25th, 2018.
3. Any further changes modify and replace all former agreements.
4. Typing errors on this website reserved.
5. If there are any contradictions with anything that has something to do with our website, and/or our Terms Of Service, the Terms Of Service rules are always right and applicable. So even if another page (1) on our website states something that is contradictory to our Terms Of Service, the information on the other page (1) is not observed. Instead, the Terms of Service on our website is always right.

6. We are an agency that deals with web development activities, optimization of web pages for web search engines  and digital marketing. All activities carried out comply with the general rules of security and confidentiality.
We do not provide any details about our clients or suppliers to any third party .

2. Service
1. This service will only be used for promotional purposes.
2. You will not upload anything into this service’s rotation that includes illegal activities or any material that is not accepted or suitable .
3. You shall not knowingly exploit the system.
4. The service sometimes might deliver later than the planned date stated on the website’s order page. This can be completely normal. Contact our support team if your order isn’t delivered in time, they will most likely find a suitable solution. Late delivery does not mean you will get a refund.
6. The amount you purchase is not guaranteed. It can be a bit more. If it’s less, contact our support team.
7. You use this service on your own risk. We are not responsible for any of the consequences that may occur because of using our service. It’s 100% your own (the buyer/customer) risk.
8. People might in some cases unfollow or not interact with your business . If this happens, feel free to contact our support . They will probably find a suitable solution. You dont have the right to claim a refund in this case . Once we have finished working on your order we will deliver you a partial activity report. The report will contain some of the activities performed for your order. We can not provide a complete report of all our activities because we work only manually, do not use automated programs or other applications that could harm in our work. Once the report has been delivered, the order is considered to be complete delivered . For any misunderstandings, please contact us.                                                                                                                                          9. We do not require the user’s password or other user identification data, so there is no risk of breaking confidentiality on our part.

10. If your business or products are in a particular country, such as France,Spain,Russia,Greece,China or others , and you have as your main target audience France, Spain, Russia, Greece, China or others, please description that you will upload in checkout forms, contact details and any other details you want to be promoted, attach them in this language . Regardless of the area and country you are from, please provide all these details in the language in which you wish to be promoted. It does not matter what language is used, but it is very important to provide us with all the details in the language in which you want your business to be promoted or whatever you want to promote. We use strictly the materials provided by you for these activities.

3. PayPal 
1. You agree that upon purchasing any of our products that you clearly understand and agree what you are purchasing and will not file a fraudulent dispute via PayPal, Creditcard, or Bank.
2. Upon a fraudulent attempt to file a dispute, claim, unauthorized transaction or chargeback, we grant the right, if necessary, to ban your IP address from this website and you allow us to take legal actions against you. Our services  should not be used for those who do not intend to make this investment on their own, but rather buy the intentions to return it – we will not reimburse the purchases because of financial difficulties or poor financial planning. Consider your budget before purchasing.
3. No partial or full refunds will be issued for service interruption, failure or anything else unless your order does not get delivered at all.
4. By purchasing anything from this website, you agree to PayPals and Third Party Terms of Service and state to not break any of their rules.

4.You may not run other marketing campaigns while your ExxtraShop marketing campaign is running

We use public statistics to measure the results of our campaign, which other campaigns may interfere with. If you do run other marketing campaigns simultaneously with Exxtrashop’s marketing campaign, then you agree that ExxtraShop is responsible for every visitors , subscribers , customer , fan , follower , views , comment , like , visit , and/or vote that you gain during the duration of your ExxtraShop social media marketing campaign.

5 . Security
Any passwords used for this site are for individual use only. You will be responsible for the security of your password (if any). Exxtrashop.com will be entitled to monitor your password and, at its discretion, require you to change it. If you use a password that Exxtrashop.com considers insecure, Exxtrashop.com will be entitled to require the password to be changed and/or terminate your account.
You are prohibited from using any service or facilities provided in connection with this site to compromise security or tamper with system resources and/or accounts. The use or distribution of tools designed for compromising security (e.g., password guessing programs, cracking tools, or network probing tools) is strictly prohibited. If you become involved in any violation of system security, Exxtrashop.com reserves the right to release your details to system administrators at other sites in order to assist them in resolving security incidents. Exxtrashop.com reserves the right to investigate suspected violations of these Terms of Use.

Exxtrashop.com reserves the right to fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing Exxtrashop.com to disclose the identity of anyone posting any e-mail messages, or publishing or otherwise making available any materials that are believed to violate the Terms of Use.

6 . Refund policy

Since ExxtraShop is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site.

However, we realize that exceptional circumstance can take place with regard to the character of the product we supply.

Therefore, we DO honor requests for the refund on the following reasons:

Non-delivery of the product: in some cases the process times are slower, and it may take a little longer for your orders to finish. In this case we recommend contacting us for assistance. Claims for non-delivery must be submitted to our support department in writing within 7 days from the usualy complete delivery date. Otherwise the campaign will be considered completed.

Our support team is always eager to assist you and deliver highly professional support in a timely manner. Thank you for purchasing from us. Contact us to : [email protected]

7. General warranty conditions

We do not promote anything illegal ( Drugs , Violence , Racism , Human Trafficking , Weapons , Hacks , Fraud , Scam or other illegal activities ) . We guarantee that we distribute your materials (images, description, contact information, web link or other legal materials provided by you ) in all networks where we have user profiles or our own pages . The total number of our subscribers and followers is over 420 millions . We do not guarantee the number of those who interact with the distributed content , we do not guarantee for visitors or customers of your website or the promoted business , and we do not guarantee for sales . These things depend on many factors that we can not control , but regular all the media campaign made over time have yielded spectacular results for the products or business promoted by us so far .You should have the greatest misfortune of not getting the desired results . Still we are optimistic because we have not experienced these isuess in the past , so we believe it is impossible not to get great results from our media marketing campaigns .

8.  Privacy Policy

This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.
Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.

Privacy Policy with respect to the processing of personal data

We consider ensuring the right to personal data protection as a fundamental  ExxtraShop commitment, so we will dedicate all the resources and efforts to process your data in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “General Data Protection Regulation” or ” GDPR “), as well as any other applicable legislation on the territory of Romania. Since one of the key principles of this legal framework is transparency, we have prepared this document through which we want to inform you about how we collect, use, transfer, and protect your personal data when interacting with us about products and services including our web site or the applications available on our mobile phone.We reserve the right to periodically update and modify this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes to the way we process your personal data or any changes to your legal requirements. In the event of any such change, we will display on our website the modified version of the Privacy Policy, which is why please periodically check the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Who we are and how to contact us

ExxtraShop  is the trade name of  Net Global Vision SRL , a Romanian legal entity, having its headquarters in Simeria , Biscaria Street, no. 86, with serial number in the Trade Registry J20 / 372 / 2017, unique tax registration number  37589240  (hereinafter “ExxtraShop” or “us”). For the purposes of data protection law, we are an operator when we process your personal data. Since we are always open to hearing your views and providing you with any further information you may need regarding the processing of your data, we encourage you to contact the ExxtraShop Data Protection Officer at the [email protected] .com or by post or courier at Biscaria Street , no. 86 , Simeria , Hunedoara County – with reference: to the attention of the ExxtraShop Data Protection Officer.

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