Search and find Romanian companies in second Leave a comment  is the publisher of Kendall Enterprise products specializing in B2B and online services. With a global digital platform, Kendall enterprise publishes and continually updates a database of some 350 million telephone subscribers and 186 million businesses worldwide. romanian companies database .Operating throughout the world, Kapitol-Infobel also offers numerous B2B solutions including a large range of products and services that allows customers to get or improve, use data for the purposes of publication, marketing, advertising, and other data purpose. Romania company register .Established in Romania , Kendall Enterprise is the first business worldwide to have developed and published an online telephone directory. Romania company register search .

Who are these products and services aimed at?

Are you an online or mobile publisher looking for information? Do you work in marketing or advertising? Romania company search . Do you want to obtain data to set up marketing campaigns or improve your customer and prospect files? Romanian companies. Do you need data to develop specific services (satellite navigation, geodirectories, ID Verification, Caller ID, population alerts, etc.), or do you work within another field that would also benefit from the tools and services that we offer? Welcome to Kendall Enterprise , a Romanian platform that offers multiple online, offline and mobile solutions for small, medium and large businesses.  Browse our site to find the product or service which best corresponds to your business needs. List of companies in romania .

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