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This plan includes a SINGLE  media marketing campaign for  your business to all our subscribers and followers through all our profiles and pages. We offer you the only and best opportunity to reach your customers with our help through a complex network of accounts , user profiles and our own pages from all  networks build  by our team within nearly 12 years of activity. A tremendous chance that your business, skills , or outcome of your work be well known , appreciated and bought by millions of people around the world .


This plan includes A SINGLE media marketing campaign of your business to all our subscribers and followers through all our profiles and pages .

The best way to promote your business, web site, products , videos, music ,songs , books ,articles ,magazines , any skills, hobbies or any other activity you are doing and want to make it well known to the general public from all arround the world . Nearly half a billion people from all over the world will learn about your business or your skills so that it will become a success . In the first stage you will gain fame and recognition, which will automatically attract visitors, subscribers , fans and customers for your business . We will Advertise / Promote/ Expose your Business , Products , You tube , Website, Shop , Blog ,Videos , Song , Book or Any other business or skills with text message and contact details or website link through all our profiles and pages from all networks .
The media marketing campaign will be made through : 
– over 388 profiles 
– over 876 groups and communities
– over 426.ooo.ooo members , subscribers and followers from all over the world, all sexes , all ages and all social classes .
All those interested in your business will click on your web link or save as your favorite business. The huge chance of increasing the number of people who will appreciate your business or skills . A great chance to increase your brand’s reputation . The huge chance of increasing sales and profit.

You will get hundreds of major benefits for your business :
Increase your website domain authorithy .
Increase your website page authorithy .
Increase your website rank position in alexa.com .
Increase your website rank position in websiteoutlook.com .
Increase your website value .
Increase your business value and notoriety .
Boost your organic visitors and keep results for long time .
Boost your business customers number .
Boost your loyal customers number .
Boost your subscribers for business that have this target .
Boost your fans and followers in all social networks.
Boost your brand awareness .
Boost your sales .
Boost your profit . More other amazing benefits ….Your dreams come true .

Web link from your online business , if you own a website , a blog , eBay , Amazon , Alibaba , Etsy , Aliexpress or other online store .
If you own a web link of videos posted on YouTube or other video platforms .
Links to your accounts or pages in the main social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, linkedin) .
Short description of your business or activity (minimum 120 words – 250 words maximum)
Photos or pictures you want to promote (up to 7 pictures maximum of 2 MB per image)
Your geo targeted area ( city , region , country or worldwide )
Your targeted customers ( women , men , young , old , driver , doctor …or any criteria )
Any special requirement from your side , please specify Express in checkout form .
All these details will be uploaded after buying our services in checkout forms .

If your business or products are in a particular country, such as France,Spain,Russia,Greece,China or others , and you have as your main target audience France, Spain, Russia, Greece, China or others, please description that you will upload in checkout forms, contact details and any other details you want to be promoted, attach them in this language . Regardless of the area and country you are from, please provide all these details in the language in which you wish to be promoted. It does not matter what language is used, but it is very important to provide us with all the details in the language in which you want your business to be promoted or whatever you want to promote . We use strictly the materials provided by you for these activities.

 Between 10 and 20 working days .

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You will get thousands of benefits with our services. From growing notoriety, world recognition to huge sales and great profit.

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